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G II Solutions offers numerous accessories for use in addition to the standard package. The most common accessories are pictured and described below.

Electrical Enclosure

With the standard control package, the control panel is intended to be mounted in the existing machine’s electrical enclosure. If un desirable or not possible, G II Solutions will provide the control panel in a stand-alone Nema 12 enclosure. With this configuration, the manual controls are relocated from the control panel to the door of the electrical enclosure. The standard configuration positions the bulkhead connector in the enclosure’s lower right face.

Remote Pendant

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A handheld pendant offers manual control remote of the central control system and exterior to the grinder.

Extension Cable

When the distance between the spindle and the control panel is excessive, over about 40 feet, it may be desirable to use an extension cable. This cable attaches to the spindle electrical connector on one end and to the bulkhead connector from the control panel on the other end. The standard extension cable is supplied in watertight conduit.


Most applications require a custom bracket to mount the spindle to the grinding machine. G II Solutions have developed various brackets for different spindle / grinder combinations and often have the more popular combinations in stock.




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