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Spindle Overview

DTS spindles operate using custom-engineered brushless DC servomotors. These units are used to drive diamond-truing rolls and are specifically intended to produce and maintain precision contours in grinding wheels.

DTS spindles are extremely rigid and precise. Spindle shafts are manufactured with A2 tool steel, hardened to 60-62 Rockwell. Shafts are supported by two duplex pairs of precision angular contact spindle bearings. These bearings are manufactured with radial runouts of 0.000050" (.0013 mm) or less.

DTS spindles are compact in size, allowing the units to fit in space constrained areas. DTS spindles are also lightweight, permitting the spindles to function as portable units.

Despite the compactness of DTS spindles, they have high torque and a broad speed range. Control packages offered with DTS spindles permit the speed, direction, and enable to be selected manually, or by CNC or PLC. Commanded speeds are maintained through closed loop velocity control.

Mechanical rigidity and precision, along with consistent and precise speed control are features that make DTS spindles a viable candidate for truing the demanding super abrasive grinding wheels.

The DTS spindles operate with positive internal air pressure. By maintaining positive pressure within the unit, the DTS spindles are capable of withstanding the coolant-flooded environments of grinding machines. Clean and regulated air is supplied to the unit through the spindle cable, requiring only one connection to the spindle.

DTS spindle control packages feature servo amplifiers that are powered from a 50-60 Hz, 90-270 Vac, single-phase or three-phase power source. Custom configurations and numerous options are available to accommodate various applications on almost any grinder make or model.



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